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Curious about the energy of crystals?

  Wondering which is the most beneficial crystal to buy? 

Looking for a beautiful bracelet made from natural crystal beads?

Intrigued as to how flower essences work?

  Wondering which is the most beneficial essence for you? 

Looking for something to provide support as and when needed?

Raw2Pure bracelets are handmade with loving energy, beautifully presented and come with a card detailing the properties of the crystals used.  If you know the favourite colour or stone of the person you are buying the bracelet for, this may make your choice an easy one.  If you would like a bracelet for a particular purpose or emotion, please get in touch as I would love to have a chat and make a  bespoke bracelet to provide the balancing properties and emotional uplift you require.

Should you wish to wear your bracelet as a diffuser for your favourite oils I can incorporate lava stones into any of the designs.  Volcanoes are one of the most creative forces of nature and also provide us with beautiful lava stones.  These stones are extremely porous and perfect for adding your oils onto ... tired and lacking energy -  add peppermint, needing some self love - add rose oil. 

All bracelets are strung on elastic and can be handmade in small, medium or large (as a guide a small fits snuggly on a 15-16cm wrist).

Beautiful bracelets to provide the support and balance that we all need from time to time.

Raw2Pure crystal bracelets make an excellent gift for someone you care about or why not treat yourself.

Findhorn Flower Essences are lovingly handmade in Findhorn, Scotland.  The company is a well established, award winning family business (founded by Marion Leigh in 1993) with over 25 years experience in the production and distribution of Flower, Gem and Elemental essences.

Training to become an Advanced Flower Essence Practitioner (Qualify Summer 2022) has meant I have journeyed with many of the Combination essences and have witnessed first hand the resolving of unhelpful emotions, beliefs and thinking patterns.  The situations and challenges for which flower essences could be beneficial are numerous, the more popular being:

  • Upsets and trauma

  • Tension and worries

  • Confidence

  • Change

  • Challenges and problems

  • Focus and direction

  • Relationship issues

I truly believe that flower esences are a magical gift to us from the plant world that may help us maintain good health and wellbeing.


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